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Climatetrade, thBitcoin mining machine applicatione blockchain market, announced on Wednesday that it would build its new carbon dioxide compensation platform on the algorand blockchain, according to cointegraph on December 2. Climatetrade is understood to allow companies to offset their carbon footprint by buying carbon credits directly on the platform.

According to King 10 news, Australian Federal Reserve Chairman Lowe said that there are still doubts about the central bank's demand for digital currency. But it said the success of digital currencies elsewhere could change its view.

Bitfinex announced support for flare networks to airdrop spark (FLR) tokens for XRP holders on December 12.

Because Karp certainly does not have a large number of wnxm, but has a large number of nxm, so he must complete the fishing work in the inner disk. Then, after fishing, as long as the price of nxm itself falls to 100% of mcr100%, hackers must know that they can't rely on the bondingcurve to ship, so they are very skillful and directly drop the nxmwrap they get and smash the external disk. Earlier this year, when I said the top of the next bubble would be around us $30 thousand, people called me a bearer, but I seem to be quite accurate, Cobra, the website's co owner, said today. I don't believe that people really believe bitcoin will reach more than $100000 in this cycle. It will take at least a few years.

According to the currency world market, as of today's 18:00, the top three net capital inflows are BTC (+ 382 million US dollars), ETH (+ 87.0577 Bitcoin mining machine applicationmillion US dollars), LTC (+ 1975.51 million US dollars); the top three net capital outflow are XRP (- 6538400 US dollars), usdt (- 1941400 US dollars), xtz (- 594600 US dollars). -More capital flow, fast on the currency world, click the market to see the flow of funds.

Eth reported 473.96usdt (- 2.35%), XRP reported 0.2904usdt (- 2.39%), BCH reported 244.32usdt (- 2.94%), LTC reported 74.09usdt (- 0.60%), EOS temporarily reported 2.596usdt (- 2.78%), BSV temporarily reported 161.0usdt (- 3.65%).