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According to BlockGroup founder KevinXu, the data of Grayscale Investment shows that 73% of investors are institutional investors and 94% of positions are in Bitcoin. Currently Grayscale already holds more than 220,000 Bitcoins, accounting for the total amBitcoin mining walletount of Bitcoin. 1.3%, the largest premium for the trust share is as high as 40%, which is completely in short supply. The monthly gray investment purchases more than 10,000 bitcoins from the market, and the monthly new mining volume is about 40,000 bitcoins, and this is only the data of an institution.

Samson: Both. Because if you are running an exchange, you have to track everything. You need to use these software when funds are stolen. But the negative impact of this kind of software is that the blockchain itself is like an open book, and people can indeed develop some software to'read' this book. We should not complain, but should try to improve Bitcoin's performance in terms of interchangeability.

Don't just stare at examples of currencies, payments, and digital gold. Compared with the real world, there are many larger and broader depressions in the value creation of human society. If the blockchain is the Internet of Value, perhaps we should first think about a basic question: Where will more value be created? Where will more wealth of human society be concentrated? Can these values ​​and wealth be moved to the chain? Can blockchain improve the efficiency of these assets?

However, many people still believe that the Bitcoin ETF is far away, and its final arrival will require multiple applications. According to previous reports, VanEck voluntarily withdrew its first application as the SEC was affected by the shutdown of the US government. However, JakeChervinsky believes that the real reason for VanEck's withdrawal of the Bitcoin ETF application may be that VanEck expects the US Securities and Exchange Commission to reject its first proposal and does not want its products to be negatively affected. The government shutdown seems to give VanEck a perfect excuse to show its Is voluntarily postponing the launch of its ETF.

From the perspective of financing amount, the financing amount of blockchain projects in Hong Kong far exceeds that of other cities in China, accounting for about 41%. It is also the only city with a financing amount of more than 1 billion yuan; Hangzhou’s financing amount exceeds the three major cities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. , Reaching 700 million yuan, accounting for 28% of the country’s top ten total; Beijing ranked third. Although it has an advantage in the number of financing events, the specific financing amount is less than that of Hong Kong and Hangzhou, accounting for about the national blockchain financing 18% of the total; Guangzhou followed closely behind, with a financing amount of more than 200 million yuan, accounting for about 8% of the total financing of the top ten national blockchain projects.

From a historical perspective, under the premise of global electronic payment and settlement, banknotes, as a form of currency for cash circulation, have lower information technology, lower security, easy damage, and higher usage costs than tokens. However, considering that the legal currency is issued by a sovereign state, it is regarded as a value symbol of a means of value exchange within a certain range. Therefore, at this stage, a temporary solution is needed to construct a marketBitcoin mining wallet certificate and a formal legal currency. Bridges-stable tokens came into being.