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The complete development route of ETH is divided into four stages, namely Frontier, Homestead, Metropolis and SerenitBitcoin wallet trackery. The ETH metropolis is divided into two smaller stages: Byzantium and Constantinople. Byzantium is the first stage and has been completed in October 2017. ETH Constantinople refers to the final stage of upgrading through a hard fork and entering the metropolis. Therefore, from the perspective of the development stage, this event is a normal technical iteration of ETH ecological development, rather than a black swan event that broke the community consensus. ETH has always adopted the POW mechanism, and the upcoming Constantinople will introduce the POS mechanism for the first time, paving the way for the fourth phase of the full POS mechanism, which will reduce the income of miners. Until the final quiet stage, the POW mechanism will be completely abandoned, and the ETH network will no longer need miners to mine.

RISC-V is specifically designed for the Internet of Things. Its instruction set will reach 32 bits or even smaller 16 bits, and has lower power consumption. In the near future, people will see that the expensive embedded chips in the past will soon be replaced by RISC-V-based chips. This change is 2016

The focal figure of the computing power war, Bitmain founder Wu Jihan, also said on Twitter a few days ago that he was thinking about when he could deposit the BSV in his hands on the exchange and sell it. It is conceivable that once the exchange-level war starts, the prices of BAB and BSV are likely to fluctuate sharply. For the people who eat melons, the violent price fluctuations will obviously also allow us to observe the real-time battle more intuitively.

For investors, there are currently no good channels other than the white paper to understand the quality of the project, and it is impossible to clarify whether the risks involved in the investment are truly disclosed. In the absence of supervision, the authenticity of the information disclosed by the project party cannot be guaranteed. Relying on the SEC's disclosure requirements for securities issuance can help the issuer obtain relevant information about the investor. At the same time, the investor can also obtain the real information of the project, and then better evaluate the investment risk.

Bitcoin records transaction information that everyone can see on its blockchain, causing the most serious damage to privacy. Bitcoin moves between addresses, and the sender's address, receiver's address, and transaction amount are all known. Only the identity of each address is unknown (see the first picture).

Except for the most basic transaction structure, hashing algorithm, proof of work, longest chain rule, and incentives, the Bitcoin whiBitcoin wallet trackerte paper does not define any specific technical details. Everything is left for us to develop and improve to adapt to the changing world in the future. Looking forward to the ultimate realization-Satoshi Nakamoto's vision of becoming a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

Ren (REN) is the next strong performing protocol token, which has grown by 286% in the past three months. Ren is an open license-free agreement used as a cross-chain cryptocurrency transfer. Given that the stated goal of the Ren protocol is to bring blockchain interoperability into the DeFi field, perhaps the growth of REN is an obvious signal that investors are not only capturing DeFi tokens themselves, but also capturing those at a more technical level. Tokens that play a role.

Reflection connects any two or more aspects of reality, establishing a two-way feedback loop between them. In this way, the behavior produced by each reality (objective and subjective) will affect the perception of investors and therefore the price. Soros cited the 2008 global financial crisis as an example of this theory.