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The code needs to be tested. A person has the ability to determine whether the code is available and safe. After a set of open source code is downloaded or forked, it is just like downloading The real Bitcoin investment websiteit directly from Microsoft. Can you use it with confidence? Not really. In this process of free use, open source people will also get feedback. He can modify his open source code through this free test. This is also a business model.

"From historical data, when the price of the cryptocurrency market rises, the stock prices of related listed companies will also rise, but the price increase of the cryptocurrency tends to be even greater. In fact, when this situation occurs, the cryptocurrency and The stock market often adjusts quickly.”

The third question: Are hard forks often performed? In his view, frequent hard forks or implementation of incompatible upgrades means that a project is centralized. Song once published an article saying that hard forks are altcoins. Once a currency has performed a hard fork, the forked blockchain and its clients will not be compatible with the old version, that is, two independent networks and two currencies will appear.

In essence, only a certain amount of Bitcoin is flowing or immediately available for trading on exchanges and markets. Vays said:'Bitcoin is a very liquid asset. 'Vays explained that if Bezos tried to buy all bitcoins in circulation, everyone would start buying bitcoins after hearing the news, which would make bitcoin prices even higher.

And because it is only 11 years old this year, it seems to be an extremely restless age before reaching adulthood. The constant suspicion from the outside has led to its huge volatility. The greater the volatility, the greater the space for speculation and hype, so speculation The people are here. So we will see: stories such as the prodigy who bought Bitcoin in the early years and became rich, and the stories of the sky-high Bitcoin buying pizza and breaking his legs. Of course, we will also see speculators who broke their fortunes.

The MVRV ratio method is quite new and was published by NicCarter at a Bitcoin conference in late September 2018. The MVRV ratio, as the name suggests, is MV divided by RV, and MVmarketvalue is the total market value of cryptocurrencies. The denominator RV is the realized value, tentatively translated as realized value. Realized value is the result of summing up each cryptocurrency according to the price of the last transfer. For Bitcoin, it is the result of summarizing all UTXOs at the price when it was created. We calculate the realized value of RV, whether UTXO is the mining reward of the system to miners or the output of transfer transactions, it is calculated based on the price of Bitcoin on the day it was generated, and all together is RV. There are two particularly big advantages to using RV. The first is to eliminate the interference of early lost bitcoins on valuation. Because early btc was very worthless, many people didn’t care about it, and there were a lot of lost btc. In addition, there are about 1 million Bitcoins belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto, because they have never been moved, and they will probably not be used again in the future. If you treat these 1 million in the same valuation as the recent active btc, it must be wrong. of. So the early btc, UTXO was created when the price of btc was extremely low, using the concept of RV basically eliminated their influence. The second advantage is that it meets the value recognition of market participants. For example, I transferred you 10 bitcoins in 2015, so how much money did I transfer to you? At the price at the time, 200 dollars a piece, I think the money was transferred to you as 2,000 dollars. Therefore, the bitcoin price when UTXO was created reflects the average value recognition of market participants. We say that the price level and the rise and fall are relative, and the price benchmark is also called the reference point, which is different for every investor. Investors usually use their averagThe real Bitcoin investment websitee buying price as a reference point for cryptocurrency prices. So MVRV less than 1 means that the price of Bitcoin has been lower than the weighted average of investors' price reference points. In Lesson 6, we will talk about the influence of psychology on investment decisions. So I think the MVRV ratio is an indicator that can reflect the consensus of investors on the price of Bitcoin, which is of great significance.

"Greatest" is a very connotative word, especially because Grant (he is one of the founders of "Grant's Interest Rate Observer" magazine) clearly pointed out that Bai Zhihao is an unscrupulous misogynist and race Anist ("A human being as an animal is like a dog as an animal, there are many breeds"), and an accomplished hypocrite. The latter quality is useful from the perspective of journalists; Bai Zhihao is very good at empathy, but he has never admitted that he has changed his position because of this. For example, the victory of the Confederacy in the Civil War is "a certain fact" and President Lincoln is "dishonest and stupid." This established view does not prevent Bagehot from declaring after the federal victory, "the panic did not shake American democracy in the least. The courage of steel." The elegy he later wrote for Lincoln was a very moving article: "Difficulties did not make him angry like most people, but made him more patient; opposition did not make him defeated, but made him more tolerant and determined. "

dYdX, a decentralized financial derivatives agreement, uses smart contracts to rewrite and reimplement the trading rules of financial derivatives. The project was established in 2017 and has completed two rounds of financing so far, with a total of 12 million US dollars, led by AndreessenHorowitz, Polychain, and a16zcrypto.