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From the supply side, market entities with over-concentration of power, monopolistic areas, and asymmetric information need to reform, such as some central banks, tax bureaus, and exchanges. If the rights and interests are inherently thin and scattered, it is difficult to redistribute and divide. For example, retail sales, retail profits are relatively low, the level of power is also low, the market is open and transparent, and equivalent transactions, it is difficult for retailers to redistribute how much profit and power to customers. The so-called full return of consumption is a false proposition iSquare Cash Bitcoinn itself. On the basis of equivalent exchange, retailers no longer have much profit and power to distribute, unless it is a different matter for the house.

Ice Bucket Challenge: A free participation and spread game initiated by social media. Although not a complete open source project, it reflects the intersection of social networks and open source communities. For example, @ on Twitter is a kind of content collaboration, and the Q&A on Zhihu is also a way to lower the threshold for collaborative content production.

Buterin's Twitter response to Pouliot's allegations, what he said I did not allow seems to be more ridicule, but this has caused a lot of misunderstanding. In addition, this matter does not seem to have a significant impact on the price of ETH. Ethereum is now in an important stage of development. Buterin previously tweeted that Ethereum sharding technology is coming soon, which means that Ethereum's transaction processing capabilities are about to be greatly improved.

In this regard, market analysis company ArcaneResearch pointed out that although this is a diversified region, African countries have some key similarities and trends, from high inflation rates and unstable currencies to capital control and lack of banking infrastructure. Financial problems and economic problems have created fertile ground for budding alternatives. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin may solve the above problems.

Using TradingView as the K-line chart plug-in, the auxiliary functions are more powerful. As we all know, TradingView is the most active social network for traders and investors. Talk to millions of traders from all over the world, discuss trading ideas and place orders on the spot.

Vitalik admitted that Satoshi Nakamoto uses the cryptographic economy to incentivize people to maintain the network, so that attackers need to spend a lot of money to destroy the blockchain and protect the security of the network; but he also pointed out that this structure is still being attacked. Possible. So around August 2012, when SunnyKing and ScottNadal jointly released an academic paper and proposed a proof of equity mechanism for the first time, Vitalik read their paper; subsequently, he also published a related introduction article on the BitcoinMagazine website where he worked at the time. And from the perspective of the ultimate development path of Ethereum, Vitalik is still fascinatedSquare Cash Bitcoin by the PoS mechanism after a few years. Ethereum is about to switch from PoW to PoS, which will make ETH safer than Bitcoin in the next five years (October 15, 2019) Vitalik said in an interview with BlockchainNews on the day).

The solution at the forefront of expansion is Plasma designed by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and Bitcoin Lightning Network co-founder Joseph Poon. This concept is widely regarded as the best choice for Ethereum to achieve expansion in the short term. The researchers behind this technology have built five different versions of the protocol-but in these multiple iterations, there is evidence that the work did not proceed as originally expected, and there is currently almost no executable code.

For many investors in the traditional financial sector, traders can make relatively stable investments by observing when the blue line may cross the yellow line. But in the Bitcoin market, technical analysis is everywhere. Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, stated in a research report on November 22 that after high frequency trading, technical analysis is the second most commonly used investment strategy in the digital asset market.

Q4: We are about to usher in a rainy season. It can be said that the rainy season is an important annual gold nugget battle for miners. What impact do you think the rainy season will have on miners and the entire industry? Do you expect this rainy season? What kind of machines will the mines focus on in the future? How much computing power will the entire wet period bring and what kind of help will it benefit?