How to handle Bitcoin transactions

Regarding whether Bitcoin can combat risks, especially the issue of inflatHow to handle Bitcoin transactionsion risks, Zhou Zhenbao believes that we also need to see if Bitcoin can become an independent cross-sovereign currency. Bitcoin is still far behind gold on many levels, and there is still a long way to go. We will usher in a lot of changes in the future. All we need for Bitcoin is a little more time. I look forward to seeing Bitcoin help the next better human society in the next ten years.

But on the Bitcoin network, Alice needs to create a new transaction for consumption, and the size of this transaction will also be 226 bytes. In order for Alice to pay the tip while paying for the meal, the Bitcoin network will complete this process through two separate transactions, so it needs to add a total of 452 bytes of Bitcoin network to a block.

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network will undergo a hard fork protocol upgrade with UNIX timestamp 1542300000 (0:40:0, November 16, 2018, Beijing time). Due to the controversy surrounding this upgrade, many users are not clear about what preparations should be made before this. In order to answer the doubts caused by the fork, provides some options for BCH users.

However, I dare say that most people will not use BitConfs or try to index the transaction settlement costs required by each blockchain. On the contrary, "Minke" believe that settlement is a linear function of the number of transaction confirmations. What is even more regrettable is that this is actually a very common view. Even the Litecoin Foundation website implicitly expresses this view:

In August 2017, an update called Segregated Witness (SegWit for short, see the dedicated section below) was activated, which can increase the amount of data stored in the block to more than 1MB. Surprisingly, because some users were dissatisfied with the expansion roadmap of Bitcoin developers and emphasized Bitcoin as digital gold, around the same time on August 1st, a kind of Bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash (BCH) The (BTC) fork was born. The developers of this fork quickly realized 32MB blocks and plan to further expand the limit, allowing more on-chain transactions and cheaper fees in each block, but running full nodes becomes more expensive.

In addition to MicroStrategy, it also includes Square, a payment company under the name of TwitterCEOJackDorsey. The company holds a total of 4709 BTC. JackDorsey is also a loyal fan of Bitcoin. In the Twitter profiHow to handle Bitcoin transactionsle, Bitcoin is used as a label.

In the context of the Internet of Things, each sensor may obtain tokens or consume tokens when interacting with other machines. Our approach should not be to open an account corresponding to the legal currency for each sensor. At this time, we should design machine-specific wallets and tokens.

The author believes that the leading role of BNB will not end in the short term. With the development of Binance Launchpad, Binance Chain, and BNB over-the-counter use cases, Binance’s leading role will continue; OKEx and Huobi will also be used in exchanges and blockchain industries. Continue to expand the business, so the future practical ability of the platform currency does have a certain guarantee. However, the short-term BNB profit is relatively large and the upside difficulty increases. It is very likely to choose a callback. At that time, OKB and HT are expected to callback with them; but in the long run, platform currencies, especially BNB, are currently the best investment projects on the market One, the short-term decline can be entered at discretion.