Bitcoin mining hardware ASIC

On August 9th, Canaan Zhizhi, the second largest domestic bitcoin mining machine producer, announced on its official WeChat account that it has officially released its 7-nanometer mass production chip. According to a report from in June this year, some media said that Bitmain CEO Zhan Ketuan had visited TSMC, Powerchip and other supply chain partners to seek cooperation for a new genBitcoin mining hardware ASICeration of high-performance mining chips. Recently, it was reported that Jianan Zhizhi's new generation of ASICs is also in TSMC, and directly jumped from the previous generation of 16nm to 7nm; and plans to mass-produce new chips in July. However, this news has not been confirmed by TSMC so far. It is also worth mentioning that the Japanese Internet giant GMO has released its seven-nanometer chip Bitcoin mining machine in June this year and plans to start mass shipments at the end of October.

Another feature of the PoW system is that the block time is irregular, although the block generation time of Ethereum is about 15 seconds on average. In contrast, we describe the block generation of the Beacon chain as a heartbeat. Blocks of Ethereum 0 are regularly generated every 16 seconds (if testing is feasible, it may be reduced to 8 seconds). This 16-second period is called a slot (time slot);

Looking at the performance of each blockchain sector, we found that within 24 hours, the transaction volume of the currency sector reached 10,077.6 billion US dollars (a 21% increase in transaction volume), and the transaction volume of the distributed ledger sector reached 921.5 billion US dollars (a 84% increase in transaction volume) , The anonymous currency sector transaction volume reached 3,346.3 billion U.S. dollars (a 41% increase in transaction volume), the forked currency sector’s transaction volume was 676.3 billion U.S. dollars (a 1888% increase in transaction volume), and the cross-chain/side-chain sector transaction volume was 4447.9 million U.S. dollars (transactions The transaction volume of the asset management sector was US$185.33 million (a 209% increase in transaction volume), the trading volume of the advertising and entertainment sector was US$122.4 million (trading volume decreased by 13%), and the transaction volume of the platform currency sector was US$477.2 million ( Transaction volume increased by 0.99%), the Internet of Things segment transaction volume was US$35.08 million (a 41% decrease in transaction volume), the artificial intelligence sector transaction volume was US$35.80 million (trading volume decreased by 89%), and the social communication sector transaction volume was US$297.4 million. (Transaction volume decreased by 313%), financial services segment transaction volume was US$72.9 million (trading volume decreased by 09%), data management segment transaction volume was US$115.1 million (transaction volume decreased by 106%), anti-counterfeiting traceability segment transaction volume was 0.0329 million USD (decrease in trading volume by 295%).

In an interview with BitcoinMagazine, the initiator of "Lightning Torch" Hodlonaut said that the origin of this activity was because he was extremely excited when he first ran the Lightning Network, so he wanted to share this feeling with other people in the community, "On the Lightning Network The excitement that I feel about the transaction is the same as when I first discovered Bitcoin.” Hodlonaut said.

The personal overseas wealth that CRS mainly verifies is mainly financial assets, namely stocks, wealth management products, trusts, bonds, etc. However, overseas real estate, antique calligraphy and painting, yachts, aircraft, and company equity have not yet been included in the scope of CRS supervision. Of course, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are also included. Not yet within the scope of verification.

From a learning point of view, participate in this experiment and try to use a notebook to participate in its mining, but it is not appropriate to buy its token on the secondary market. Then, even if Grin is not successful, you can experience the feeling of a miner and at the same time better understand the concepBitcoin mining hardware ASICt of blockchain.

The new currency of BM may still be developed, but what is the relationship between this new currency and EOS, and where will BM and EOS go in the future? Will BM leave EOS? No one can be sure, maybe EOS is just another BitShares or Steemit, maybe not. As a magical existence in the currency circle, BM will never make people guess it. Who knows what he will do next?

"DanielSocials" is a well-known hardcore technology expert in the Bitcoin technology community. This is the secret of a small circle. He may be the earliest engineer in the country to develop Lightning Network. We will ask him to clarify the "true" and "false" problems currently facing the Lightning Network from a technical perspective.